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A5, 40 page, mostly black and white with a cute colour spread in the middle and full colour printed card dual cover - Dump Him on one side, flip 'er over for Don't Dump Him. Cover art by Stephanie LĂȘ

A zine mostly about navigating toxic relationships and situations, curated and designed by me, Kirby A. Partington, featuring my own work as well as submissions from a host of amazing contributors.

I'll be honest, this mostly started off as a laugh. Then I got some submissions through from people telling me how cathartic they found the process, getting out words they always wanted to about a situation they're no longer in. I'm so happy this project has been a catalyst for that, and I hope reading it provides the same for many more people.

With this in mind, a portion of profits from all sales will be be donated to two organisations who help to provide that support for people every day: Sisters Uncut - an activist group taking direct action against cuts to domestic violence services all over the country, and Off the Record Bristol, in memory of my good friend and constant creative and bants support system, Beaks, who we lost late last year. If you can spare to donate more to either of these organisations directly, PLEASE. DO.