• Image of THE OLD BOYS

Here are all the old things that I have left. You might still want them, don't be ageist.

1) Dump Him pin - Pin this to your lapel before meeting your mate for brunch. The glisten of the glitter will catch their eye mid-rant about how waste their man is. You won't even need to look up from your pancakes. You're very welcome.
30mm, rubber-backed, soft enamel, green glitter because, sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2) Sad & Boujee pin -
Do you buy your sad girl snacks from:
A) M&S
B) Whole Foods
C) Waitrose
D) Selfridges food court
E) Any snacks will do, thank you
If you answered A-D (yeah, dat way), then congratulations, this pin is for you.
30mm, rubber backed, black soft enamel on rose gold style metal base

3) Gyalchester United iron-on patch - Very sorry Aubrey, but your fuckboi anthem is now immortalised as a symbol of gyaldem unity. Who not gang, bitch? Let me find out. Glory glory gyaldem united 🙌🏾
Measures approx 10cm x 10cm.